2015 Crappies


The Crappies is the alternative protest show to the annual Tech Crunch awards ceremony - The Crunchies. In 2015 Piggy was a guest presenter at The Crappies.


Piggy sitting on the steps of San Francisco City Hall before the Crappies.

2nd Annual Crappy Awards

2015 marked the 2nd Annual Tech Crunch award ceremony - The Crunchies and our own award ceremony - The Crappies, produced by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. On Thursday the 5th, come join us as Ron Conway awards the most egregious acts of irresponsibility to different tech company representatives, their CEOS, and the politicians granting them impunity.

SFCrap kicks off 2015 with the 2nd Annual Crappy Awards, the annual ceremony to recognize the worst players of the year in the San Francisco Takeover Venture. Up for nomination is Ed Lee, Airbnb's Brian Chesky, Uber, the Dropbox Dudes, Jack Halprin, Travis Allen, and more!

Come dressed in your finest! Perhaps you will win an award!

See Conway's map of influence here: http://www.antievictionmappingproject.net/conway.html

See coverage of the 2014 event here: http://www.sfbg.com/politics/2014/02/11/crappies-awards-rain-tech-award-shows-parade

Billionaire venture capitalist Ron Conway has constructed an apparatus to control the City and County of San Francisco. In 2012, Conway's net worth was reported at $1.5 billion. But being filthy rich isn't enough for Ron; he wants power too—and in San Francisco, money buys it.

In 2010, Conway let loose the battle cry to "take the City back" from progressives. Through a web of investments, pseudo-philanthropic foundations, private donations, political contributions, aggressive lobbying, and shrewd tinkering with City agencies, Conway and his cohorts are realizing his agenda to upend the political landscape of San Francisco.

What they are actually doing is taking the City from its long time residents, adding to the displacement of working families, the elderly, artists and other less well-heeled members of our community. His first foray into local politics—funding the "Sit/Lie" law—made his agenda clear: Aggressively displace all who can't pay to get into his party.

Ron Conway and the Venture Capitalists make our City really Crappy!

Crappy Signs ready to go!

Crappy Signs ready to go!