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study for Hundredth Monkey
(1991) pencil, paper

Yankee Doodle Ding Dong (1991)
pencil, paper

America the Beautiful (1990)
charcoal, oil pastel, paper

New World Order
(1990) charcoal,
oil pastel, paper

Thank you to Carolyn Ryder Cooley for her support!

study for On the Edge (1992) oil pastel

In the early nineties I created a series of artist’s books in response to the Gulf War and the social/political climate at that time. Sadly, more than a decade later the situation is much the same and the books could very well have been created today. In response and protest to the Gulf War in 2003, the books were displayed at the San Francisco Public Library March – May, 2003.

Study for Rubber Tree Plant, (1992) pencil, paper